We encounter extreme weather on a regular basis here in Oklahoma. From ice storms to tornadoes and just about everything in between, power outages are a threat many months of every year. Home generators are a way to protect your home and your family during inclement weather. They can save you the cost of food loss and hotel rooms, among other expenses, and the dollars add up quickly. Not to mention the stress that comes along with finding a hot shower and getting meals when you can't cook at home.

Home generators are either stationary or portable. They run on a variety of fuels including, gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane. Generally, gasoline portable models are less expensive to purchase; however, they typically have shorter run times because of the need to refill the tank, if used constantly. And if the outage is due to wide spread outages or severe weather conditions, gas pumps may not be operational. Natural gas with its constantly available supply tend to be more reliable for stationary models.

We install every brand of generator. We also provide annual service contracts and maintenance to keep your generator operating smoothly so it is ready to go when the next storm season comes. Let our Master Electrician design a system for you and don't worry the next time the power goes out... you won't even notice it.

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